A Prayer During this Pandemic

A Prayer for Our Nation and the World during this Pandemic

Ever-creating God, be with us as the pall of this COVID-19 pandemic falls upon this “fragile earth” which is our “island home.”

We hold in our hearts and prayers all who are suffering in our nation from “sea to shining sea.”

We pray for the whole world.

Our common anxiety is making us one, undivided human family.

We pray for world leaders as they chart these unknown waters.

Strengthen them to walk into the Light of a new, healing day for the whole planet.

Help us to cross our broken lands and be for each other bridges back to heaven.

Lift the cares to which we cling.

Descend, O God, on us all to be our Guest.

Show us how to find in everything blessing and rest.

May this be our prayer while we do not know how to pray and until the last light lingers in the west.

Amen, in the name of our creating, redeeming and sustaining God.