Members of the vestry

We are the governing body of Trinity Church, elected at the Annual Meeting by the members of the church community.

Our purpose is to represent all members of this congregation as we oversee and make decisions concerning the financial and spiritual well being of the community.

With God’s help, we are stewards of the financial gifts we receive from members and friends and of the Church buildings, as well as nurturers and supporters of the gifts and ministries of our members.  Although not voting members, our vestry meetings include our Rector and Treasurer.

All are welcomed to attend. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or recommendations we encourage you to contact any vestry member listed below. If you wish, your name will remain anonymous.

Rev. Dave Dalzell, Priest-in-Charge

Linda Cappers

Vestry Officers:
Senior Warden – Cathy Hopkins
Junior Warden – Kris Millard

Vestry Members:
Clerk: Vanessa DaughertyVestry at large:Gabe GabertKaren LittlefieldAmy OuelletteDarren Dapas
Melissa Burns
Laura Martin

David Moravick